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What type of monument is right for me?


     Flat markers are also known as grass markers. They set flush in the ground. They can come in any shape or size. Most commonly seen are the rectangular shapes due to most cemetery regulations. Because they set flush, there is a concern about no angle for the water to run off the monuments and they are harder to spot from a distance.  Cemetery regulations often mandate flush markers in certain areas of the cemetery.  

     Bevel Markers are slanted with a 2" pitch so that the back of the marker is slightly higher than the front of the marker.  Bevel Markers are designed to sit above the ground when installed. They are slanted from the back to the front making them more visible from a distance and allows water to run off.


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     While not tall enough to be considered an upright monument, a slanted gravestone still stands out in a cemetery because the granite is cut to sit at a steep angle. It can be placed on a solid granite base or be designed to sit directly on the ground.   Nearly all slant markers have an unpolished, smooth back making them ideal for mounting Veteran's plaques.  


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     Upright headstones are the most common type of cemetery memorial used today.  An upright is usually used for a single, double, or multiple plot and consists of 2 pieces. The top piece is much larger and is called a "die" or "tablet".  The bottom piece is known as a "base".  Uprights have many different options for polished, smooth, or rock finishes and provide enough space for custom etching and engraving.

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     When choosing a monument, your imagination is your only limitation.  We have several examples of custom monuments from boulders, to benches, to columbariums.  Stop by to also see our collection of custom engraving and etchings that we've done to make the perfect memorial for loved ones. 

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     Foundations are custom designed for the type of monument or marker you desire.  Recent trends recommend granite foundations which will not discolor or break like concrete.  We provide these foundations for the same price as concrete and allowing our crews to set monuments in the colder Iowa weather.

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