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Choosing a monument or marker for a family member can be a difficult task.  What type is appropriate?  How much will it cost?  Are there any hidden costs?  What does my cemetery allow?  This list of questions is endless.

We can help in answering every question you may have regarding monuments and markers, as well as local cemetery requirements.


Many monuments are adorned not only with the name and dates of the deceased, but also with some befitting symbolism.  You might choose something that reflects an important aspect of life or interests – something to be remembered for.  Or you may just choose one of the many common symbolic themes such as angels, doves, candles, crosses, flowers, or over 4000 images that can be engraved at no extra charge!

Under the "Monument Types" tab above, we've given you a glimpse of the different styles to choose from.  We are well known for the many custom designs we have done. 

Take a look at the styles and types of markers and monuments that are common in the area under the "Recent Installations" tab.  Browse through the granite colors under the "Granites" tab.  Keep in mind these are just a thumbnail view of what can be done to make the perfect tribute to you or a loved one. 

Our state-of-the-art computer programs allow us to create the perfect monument and make changes as we visit.  You'll then have an actual drawing of your monument rather than a hand-drawn sketch.

In this business, it's difficult to give a price without knowing the size, type, finish and style.  We're always available to provide a free quote.  Call us at 319-310-4724 or stop by 311 South K Avenue in Vinton (next to Subway).

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